Scariest Bugs

Scariest Bugs

Scariest Bugs

These are not the bugs that you usually encounter as technical errors in your software or hardware, or like Volkswagen bug car problems auto repair specialists work on, we are talking about real life, crazy ass, terrifyingly large and impeccably small yet destructive bugs! There are thousands of species hemipterans (the scientific name for bugs), they come in different sizes, colors and level of danger and eccentricity. It is nearly impossible to fathom the kind of features they hold and what are they capable of. Here are some of the scariest, weirdest and most intriguing bug creatures of the world. All the bug buffs (if there are any such people) out there are going to go mad!

Giant Orb-Weaver Spiders

If you have seen tarantulas and thought they were creepy, well… giant orb-weaver spiders are giant, some female genus can literally grow larger than the size of a human hand! They are hatched in warm and damper regions of the world and they also come in golden color. However, the most petrifying thing that you probably don’t know about them is that they prey on birds, large birds even. It’s absurd to even imagine their long claw like legs and venomous poison fatal to humans.


Remember when I stated crazy ass bugs, so, cicadas are known for their outlandish lifecycles. They materialize all at once every 14-17 years which is weird. I thought it was just the sound they make but they are through and through creepy. But most of all why do you think are they terrifying? Because they move… no… fly in swarms, in a swarm of thousands while, the only swarm we like is swarm of poodles but no! And tall guys can be unlucky for once if they confuse you for trees and lay their eggs on you.

Bullet Ants

They sound like something that James Bond would carry. And he would, if only he knew how vital they can be in a battle. They have miniscule spikes all over their miniscule body that stings 10 times harsher than a bee. They are like the brothers of normal ants that are army brats, they are not called bullet ants for nothing they sting like a pistol maybe even worse!

These are just three there are a lot more but these three were the weirdest set I could find!

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