Keep Bugs Out

Keep Bugs Out

How to Keep Bugs Out

Bugs are malevolent creatures of nature, a witch’s emblem and found in Japanese/Thai/Korean dishes which is just ghastly! They might look innocent in their trivial packet size but they sure are a curse once they enter your house. If the necromancers ever created a ring that keeps your home bug-free, they never gave it to us which is why the we bring you ways to eliminate bug count!

First, keep your eyes peeled for the slightest hints of bugs in your home, the sides and innermost corners of your mattress and blankets or under your pillow covers and even the tufts of your couch. See if you can catch any signs of laid eggs because you never know this spring break when you’re all game for parties the bugs might crash it. Whenever you spot one you know the war’s on.

The thing is that every possible piece of furniture that is retrievable should not be thrown away until and unless it is far gone. Every corner should be sprayed with pesticides and insect repellents. Most of all, the first area that you need to secure is your kitchen. A kitchen should be the most hygienic place in your house, the place is almost holy for women you simply cannot compromise what goes into your appetite! However, as we have always heard prevention is better than cure. It’s the same in this case, before the first daylight of spring, if you think that your house is prone to insect attack then secure it. Keep your windows shut in the night time, especially, in the night time and let as much of the sun rays enlighten and warm your house as possible.

The best natural way seen that is effective in reducing bug count is by going back to the stone age and burning bonfires a few feet away from the house so it’s not dangerous either and the goal to keep bugs at bay is achieved too.

Also, your backyard maintenance plays a vital role in the bugs that raid you. Yards should be regularly serviced and kept cleaned, you don’t want to cross the heap of plants and not come out unscathed but with insects all over you. So, spray pesticides every time you service the soil. Beware! Use pesticides in a controlled amount, too much of it can pump toxins into your lungs and cause either asthma or suffocation.


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